How the Soup events will run


We welcome you to the event and collect your donation donation of £5 (though higher donations are welcome too!)

Event official start time
This time at the start will be used for people to get comfortable, meet, greet and mingle with each other. There will be some refreshments available to buy. You have about 50-55 minutes to hand over any food you have brought to share, chat and meet new people or find a seat and relax.

At the 1 hour mark
The evenings events will be introduced, along with any brief news or Soup related business. Then it’s pitch time! Each person/team will present their idea or project for no more than 4 minutes (no powerpoint allowed!). After each presentation the audience has the opportunity to ask the presenter 4 questions about their project.

At the 1.5 hour mark

It’s time to eat, discuss and vote! Hopefully there will be additional information available about the projects that have been pitched and, depending how tactically positioned your seating is, you may also have an opportunity to chat to the people behind the ideas. Then it’s decision time. Choose who will you vote for cast you vote in the special ballot box provided and then relax again while your soup goes down.

At the 2 hour mark
We may have a special feature or performance of some kind depending on the willingness of our kind-hearted and talented friends out there and we will aim to include reports back from our previous winners and their progress too.

At the 2.5 hour mark (almost done)

The winner/s will be announced and presented with the cash raised on the door before being invited back to tell us all how the money helped at a future East London Soup event.